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Steven Fechter


Steven Fechter is a playwright and screenwriter. His theatrical works have been produced throughout North America and Europe. Recent productions include The Commission (NY Fringe Festival; Theater Bielefeld, Bielefeld, Germany), The Golden Aurora (NY Fringe Festival), and The Woodsman (Old Red Lion Theatre, London; Theater Bielefeld, Germany; Theatre Unleashed, Los Angeles). Other plays include Schiele (Ohio Theatre, NYC), about the life of artist Egon Schiele and The Land-Surveyor (Westbeth Theatre Center, NYC), based on Franz Kafka’s novel "The Castle." In 2011 Resonance Ensemble produced his commissioned play Shakespeare’s Slave. As a screenwriter he co-wrote the script for the 2004 film The Woodsman (based on his play). For that work he was a Humanitas Prize finalist in screenwriting. He also writes for's ScriptWriting Blog, commenting on screenwriting and film. He is a member of the EST Playwrights Unit, The Dramatists Guild, New River Dramatists, and an artistic member of Resonance Ensemble.

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